Do Dogs Go To Heaven, Too?

Kathi Murphy - Molson

Photo: Courtesy of Kathi Murphy.

In a recent blog, Kathi told us how the timely playing of favourite family music selections helped comfort her after both her mother and father had passed away. In this story, Kathi tells how a dream with her beloved dog Molson told her he, too, was well and happy in his new life.

“One year ago, our beloved dog Molson passed away suddenly at home in his tenth year.  He was a joyful, loving, fun mix of French Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

“Molson entered our lives when he was nine months old. The woman who originally owned him could not care for him, and my daughter asked if we could take him in. At that time, I was recovering from breast cancer surgery and the loss five months earlier of our previous fur-buddy, Kelsey. 

“Molson was truly a gift in this very difficult time. During the nine years he spent with us, we experienced much love and joy with him. Every day he brought smiles to our lips and love to our hearts.

“After losing him and grieving every day for him, I had the most vivid and wonderful dream.

“I had just entered our house with the same sad, “You’re not here” feeling I’d been having since he died.  Then I heard him leave our bedroom and come down the stairs, the click, click of his nails on the wooden treads. I was standing by the fireplace in the living room and he ran toward me, stopping to spin with joy as he always did when he greeted me. 

“He looked so young and happy. I felt intense joy and happiness as I petted him and rubbed his little body. I could actually feel his warm fur underneath my stroking hand. I was laughing and smiling, and he twirled around and looked straight at me. His eyes were clear and bright, no longer dulled by cataracts, and his expression was exuberant, but also soft and loving. As I stared into his shining eyes, I felt peace and joy that I was with him again, that I could actually feel and see him so vividly.

“As Molson walked away, I asked, “How long can you stay”?  He turned to look at me once more. I felt his goodbye and the sense of, “Do not worry, I am fine, and all is well”.

“This was unlike any dream I have ever had. It felt so real and, throughout, I was aware that Molson had passed. I awoke with tears in my eyes, but not the same despondent tears I felt every day prior. Instead, I had a sense that everything was okay. I had a feeling of great love—no worries, no fear, no regret, and that all was as it should be.

“Not long after that dream, my husband was outside vacuuming the swimming pool. Somehow, a bright purple balloon on a stick with the word “Celebrate” written on it, dropped into our yard and hovered inside the pool. My husband moved it aside and, at that point, heard what sounded like a chime. We do not have windchimes and have never heard them in our neighborhood. 

“We brought the balloon into the house placed it in a corner of the living room where it remained fully inflated for many months. Our grandchildren would often play with it when they came to visit. One day we noticed that there was a halo of light on the wall around the balloon. This began happening each morning, although we have never seen light like that in the 25 years we have lived in our home. 

“In the winter following Molson’s passing, we were dog sitting for my sister-in-law. I took several pictures of “Abby” sitting in the snow outdoors. When I looked at the pictures, I could see that behind her were three bright orbs of light.  Although we have never seen this before or since, we think it’s interesting to note that we have had three rescue dogs during our lifetime.  We found these balls of light comforting because my husband and I both believe that the love and energy, which makes up the beings we cherish on earth, continues forever.”

The Meaning of Forever Project continues to accept stories of comforting experiences with loved ones who have passed on, and of near-death experiences that have helped to show the continuation of life beyond the physical body. You can email your story to us at and you can find more about our project on our Facebook page, and our Meaning of Forever Website.

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