Near-Death or Beyond-Life?

Brenda Solanki - NDE - March 19

If you have been following our blog, you’ve read stories from contributors who’ve had the experience of exiting their physical body at what seemed like the time of death but, then, re-entering and going on to live happy, productive lives. The experts call these “Near-Death Experiences” (NDE’s). We’ve even written posts summarizing some of the current thinking about NDE’s, and we are happy to continue receiving and posting your stories on the subject.

But, in bringing you Brenda’s story (below) it occurs that, perhaps, what contributors are describing are not “Near-Death Experiences” at all; perhaps what they are actually talking about are experiences “Beyond-Death”, or “Beyond-Physical Life.”

In that spirit (pardon the expression), we bring you Brenda’s story:

by Brenda Solanki

Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? Do you still exist and, if so, what does it feel like? To be honest, this had not been a question of any real importance to me when I was young. Then, in one short year, several life changing events happened to open my mind and heart to the reality of a greater existence.

I was pregnant with my second child when I learned that both my mother and my beloved step-father were terminally ill with different forms of cancer. Treatment and care required different hospitals and schedules in a different city from where I lived. In addition, I was looking after a busy 2 year old son while progressing through a difficult pregnancy. This left me with little time to focus on much of anything for myself let alone the philosophical question of where my parents would be when no longer here with us.

However, all of this changed ten days after the birth of my second son. I suddenly found myself in excruciating pain, hospitalized and prepped for emergency surgery. Apparently, I had a seriously damaged gall bladder, symptoms of which had been masked by the pregnancy. It had to be removed immediately.

This was a major surgery, complicated by my being only ten days post-partum and nursing my baby. Finding the correct level of anesthetic apparently proved to be a problem because I awoke during the surgery. At least that was the explanation I was later given. From my perspective it was quite a different matter: I felt as if I was drowning, desperately trying to breathe. I remember pain beyond anything I’d ever experienced and calling out, “Please help me, I can’t handle this!”

Suddenly I was out of my body. The pain was gone and I felt a sense of incredible freedom and wonder. I was in a tunnel a bit like a tornado on its side. It was whirling at tremendous speed creating a continuous huu-huu-huu-huu sound.

I was stationary within this vortex looking toward the far end where a beautiful golden light beckoned. I knew I would go towards that light but first I looked behind.

What I saw was no surprise… My beloved husband and two little sons were standing there, smiling at me. Feeling no sorrow, I said, “Goodbye, I love all of you so much but I’m going home now. You will always be loved. You will be fine.”

And with that, I shot down the tunnel into that glorious golden light.

But before I could totally grasp all I was seeing, feeling and experiencing in this beautiful place, a gentle, laughing voice said quietly, “You can’t stay, you have to go back.”

The next awareness I had was in the recovery room with tears on my cheeks. I was grief-stricken at being, once again, in my physical body.

There were many consequences from this amazing event. I was able to help my parents in their transition to the other side by sharing the beauty and knowledge that life does go on. Over the years, I would often ask myself why I was sent back. Each time there would be a new challenge, or discovery, or opportunity to serve, to learn, to grow. Most importantly, I had absolutely no fear of death. I knew that I was Soul and that I will continue in another realm when my physical body is done.

I have been given a deep and abiding love of life knowing that there is a purpose and that I am loved; that when this physical body reaches its end I—SOUL—will go on to new adventures. I am grateful for each day, no matter what happens.

I now have four children and a brand new granddaughter, and I am still blessed with the same wonderful husband. I found my spiritual path shortly after my experience and, every single day, I sing that beautiful HU sound I heard in the tunnel. It lets me feel—even here in this physical world—the incredible joy,  freedom and love of the other side.

I have discovered who I am… I am Soul!

How would you characterize Brenda’s experience?

You can find out more about the sound Brenda writes about at

The Meaning of Forever Project continues to accept stories of comforting experiences with loved ones who have passed on, and of near-death experiences that have helped to show the continuation of life beyond the physical body. You can email your story to us at and you can find more about our project on our Facebook page, and our Meaning of Forever Website.



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