What Happens to Love When We Die?

David Minton - For Blog.

In his story below,  David provides another perspective on what is left of us when we leave this earthly life, and what remains–both here and in the worlds beyond.

The Passing Of A Loved One

I had been studying an issue of when Soul passes from this Earth world into the higher Spiritual heavens of God; of what is left behind and also what is “kept as part” of Soul. Those of us still on this Earthly world, have the memories of even the littlest things of what that Soul did, of how they brought to us a subtle awareness of their Love and how that Love touched those around them.

In a recent instance, a lady I shall call Rose, passed from this Earthly world. I didn’t know Rose very well as I had only worked with her about a handful of times, but it was still a sadness to hear of her passing. It is my memory of her openness, her smile and twinkling in her eyes as she spoke of Divine Spirit and the Love that uniquely flowed from her, that stuck with me. To “lose” her from this physical world, well, lets just say I cried a little. As usual, it is the thought of the physical separation that troubles one’s heart.

Soul does not die, only the coverings that protect It from Its environment in the lower worlds are left behind and there is an understanding that the Soul we knew as Rose had not really left us. It was my memory of her that I carried into contemplation one night, that led me to ask my Spiritual Guide how she was doing in the higher worlds.

As I closed my eyes and asked my Spiritual Guide of her passing, a calming peacefulness settled over me. As if in a very real dream, I found myself in a high Spiritual heaven, looking out over a parapet of a Spiritual Temple at a sparkling Golden Ocean, with a white mist rising from It. Another Soul came along the parapet and through Its shining Light Of Love, I recognized Its Golden Flow of Love as that which came from Rose.

How does one describe, that joyous recognition of a friend and the beauty of their unique Golden Light of Love flowing from their being?

As we stood “there”, I became aware of another presence, that of my Spiritual Guide, in which his own blue-white Golden Light Of Love appeared from within the mists above the Golden Ocean. Looking to my Spiritual Guide, I sent forth a wave of Love, as an expression of my own gratitude of being shown in that moment, we never “lose” anyone, Soul lives on in eternity. I perceived a smile and watched both my Spiritual Guide and the Soul I knew as Rose, rise and slowly fade into the mists of Divine Spirit.

As I became aware of myself sitting on my couch, the tears streaming down my face were not of sadness, but of joy. I realized that the memories I had of Rose will live within my heart, her helping me in some small way on my own Journey to God. I also realized it is her own unique way that she brought Love into this world; and, that it was her uniqueness of giving Love which will be recognized by all Souls who meet in the higher Spiritual heavens.

It is Love and only Love, that we bring with us into this Earth world but it also Love and the greater capacity to give Love, that we take with us as a “part” of Soul when we depart the lower worlds.

The Meaning of Forever Project continues to accept stories of comforting experiences with loved ones who have passed on, and of near-death experiences that have helped to show the continuation of life beyond the physical body. You can email your story to us at themeaningofforever@gmail.com and you can find more about our project on our Facebook page, and our Meaning of Forever Website.


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