Mel Overcomes Skepticism to Recognize Signs that Babz is Okay

Mel Kazonoff for Blog

Mel tells a story of how he asked for signs that his departed wife was well and happy in her new existence, then allowed his inner skeptic to take over. However, a set of happenings too strange to ignore finally got through to him and brought comfort.

“Six years ago, my wife Babz passed away after several weeks of intense pain due to cancer.  It was a horrible time for all of us.  On her last night, she seemed to find some peace as I played a recording of a HU chant*, and she slowly drifted into a coma-like state before her heart and breathing stopped.

 “I have believed for a long time that death in the physical is a moment of rebirth into somewhere else. I wanted—maybe even needed—to know if she was okay in this somewhere-else place. So, I sang HU* and asked her to confirm that she was all right.

“Over the next couple of weeks several unusual things happened; things which had never happened before, although I didn’t put them together as being an answer from Babz. Despite my request that she give me a sign, my natural skepticism had kicked in, and I convinced myself these incidents were simply coincidences.


“At last I took the situation in hand—which really means I took myself in hand and formulated a definitive process to get the answer I so desperately wanted. My spiritual belief includes several masters as guides and helpers. After Babz died, I had placed images of nine of these masters, printed on a sheet of heavy-duty paper, by my bedside.

“Now, as I embarked on my plan, I thought that—if anyone could answer my plea—these spiritual guides surely could. That night I asked, ‘If Babz is well and enjoying a new life on the higher planes, please give me an unmistakable sign.’ Then I went to sleep.

“Next morning all was as usual. It was cool for mid-May in my part of British Columbia, Canada, so I had kept the bedroom window closed. I showered and then made breakfast. Once done I headed for the bedroom to dress and found the picture with the nine masters on the floor. ‘Strange,’ I thought. That paper had been on my bedside table for two weeks and there had been no breeze to blow it off. I picked it up and returned it to its place. 

“A couple of hours later, I had reason to go back to the bedroom and, once again, the page was on the floor. Could this be the sign I had asked for? Nah! Just a coincidence. I replaced the page once again.

“When this happened a third time, I paid attention. I had asked these nine spiritual masters to give me a sign; the page had pictures of all nine of them. Together, they were giving me a sign. I replaced the picture and smiled.

“‘I get it,’ I said aloud and turned to leave the bedroom. 

“As I did, Babz’ purse, which had been hanging on a large hook on the back of the door, fell down.  By the laws of physics, it is not possible for a purse to rise by itself over a hook and fall. But, there it was: on the floor. 

“And I could swear that—at that very moment—I heard a tiny laugh, just like Babz might have made when she played a fun trick on me. 

“At last I was convinced, and my mind and heart were at peace.”

* In our blog of November 13, 2017, we mention an exercise that Harold Klemp recommends as “a spiritual exercise for soul travel”. The exercise involves chanting a word he says is an ancient name for God: HU (pronounced “hue”). The benefits of using this word are said to include a calming and comforting effect.

The Meaning of Forever Project continues to accept stories of comforting experiences with loved ones who have passed on, and of near-death experiences that have helped to show the continuation of life beyond the physical body. You can email your story to us at and you can find more about our project on our Facebook page, and our Meaning of Forever Website.

3 thoughts on “Mel Overcomes Skepticism to Recognize Signs that Babz is Okay

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  2. Sharon

    I have had many experiences where Ive seen, heard and felt spirits throughout my life. I have no doubt that the Afterlife is REAL! I have seen and heard way too much to think otherwise. This was a beautiful testimony of the reality of spirit.


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