An Elusive Blue Light Shows Sybil How Life Continues Through Birth, Death And Beyond

Sibyl Barbour - Blue Globe -

As far back as Sibyl can remember her father, a Presbyterian minister in Scotland during the 1940’s, told stories of suddenly seeing friends and relatives coming to say goodbye not long after they left this life. Always, he would say they were accompanied by a blue globe of light.

Sibyl longed to see this blue globe, but many years would pass before she did. In the meantime, she became a registered nurse, immigrated to Canada and began delivering babies at a hospital in Ontario. It was 1975 when that light finally appeared.

“Every time I welcomed a newborn baby into the world I became aware of the small blue globe of light that accompanied each baby at birth,” writes Sibyl. “My Dad, on the other hand, experienced the blue globe of light when his deceased friends came to say their goodbyes.”

So, she formed her own conclusion: “This blue light was present whether a human being was coming into this world or leaving it! I came to the realization that, regardless of faith or belief, a loving Divine Presence is always with us.”

More than a decade later, Sibyl made the sad journey home to Scotland to be with her mother who was dying of cancer. There, at her mother’s bedside, Sibyl saw that same blue globe—much larger this time and, although she experienced the agony of knowing her mother was about to pass from this world, she also felt “ecstasy knowing that this Divine Presence was there to lead her to her new home!”

A couple of months after her mother had passed away, Sibyl had three dreams in which she learned that her mother had a lovely home in the new world where she now lived. When Sibyl made her dream visits there, she was also able to visit her deceased brother.

“In the third dream I was shown how happy my Mom now was with her new life and friends. As I prepared to leave she reminded me in a kindly way that she was no longer my mother!

“This showed me that I needed to learn a certain amount of detachment and let my Mom get on with her new life.  I also knew that this bond of love that we shared in life would never die.”

Thank you, Sybil, for your wonderful story. For us at The Meaning of Forever Project, it illustrates three very important principles: 1. That each of us is accompanied by a Divine Presence whether or not we know it; 2. That, even though our loved ones may comfort us with their presence after they have left this life, there comes a time when they must continue to their next stage of unfolding as Soul, and it is important for us to let them go; and, 3. Even though we know this, we can also know that “this bond of love that we shared in life” will never die.

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