A Mother’s Story Comforts a Friend

Ethel Voas - Letter 2

In September, 1962, Ethel Voas wrote to Hattie, whose young son had died. Ethel knew well the long and debilitating grief this kind of loss could bring—but she also knew the joy and relief of a dream in which her son reassured her he was well and happy in his new life. She shared that experience in words of comfort to a friend:

Dear Hattie—and your sorrowing family:

    I am writing because I cannot come in person and while you scarce have time now to read, lay this aside until the sad duties are finished, as smoke clears following battle. Then is when the hurt grows too heavy to bear and one asks why? Only two years have elapsed, when the grim-reaper takes a heavier toll—so young he was! So beautiful! So full of promise!

     29 years ago, it happened to us and I grieved four years when, in a dream, Keith “came home”. He was driving a large herd of beautiful sheep. The old dog was with him, and in overwhelming ecstasy I could not move but begged all the others to hasten to him.

     I was suddenly caught up into the blue of heaven, then I awakened.

     I could not believe it was a dream though the clock ticked, the dappled moonlight made shadows upon the wall. This was Reality and my grief left completely.

                Perhaps you remember Ethel from her poem “Faith” in our blog post of January 29, 2017. Following that vision of her son, Ethel was inspired to write “Faith” and a few more verses. This one she kindly shared with her grieving friend Hattie.

I cannot understand

The whys and wherefores of a thousand things

The crosses, the annoyances, the daily stings

I cannot understand

But I can trust, for perfect trusting, perfect comfort brings

I cannot see the end

The hidden meaning of each trial sent

The pattern into which each tangled thread is bent

I cannot see the end

But I can trust

And in God’s changeless love I am content

©Ethel Voas, 1962

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