A Presaging Experience Gives Ben Strength for his Family


Sometimes we receive assurance that our loved-ones live on AFTER they have left their physical bodies; perhaps, in a dream or an encounter with a symbol that we know is meant just for us. Other times, if we are open, we can be given reassurance BEFORE we even learn about the death of our dear one. That is what happened to Ben one late summer day in 1985.

Ben, his wife and young children had recently moved back to Ontario following a remote posting with the Canadian Armed Forces. They were delighted to be in the embrace of their extended family again. Ben was particularly close to his uncle, whom they learned upon their return had an ailing heart that would require surgery.

One day soon after reuniting with his uncle, Ben was strolling to work in a particularly beautiful area, delighting in the beautiful day, the lovely view and in his gratitude for being reunited with his family. Here’s how Ben tells what happened next:

“As the sun warmed my face, I became aware that my heart had opened. Just then, I sensed a great lightness approach at lightning speed…and embrace me! Suddenly I was awash with the vision, smell and energy of my uncle. (It) rushed through me like a bright light with an enthusiasm containing…feelings of surprise, elation, love and happiness. As I processed these shining impressions (and) this wonderful energy, I continued on my way.”

Back at work, Ben allowed the experience to fade from his mind. Later that day, during a class he was teaching, his sergeant came to inform him that his uncle had died and that his family needed him.

“The remorse I felt was for the loss my family was feeling,” says Ben. But, for him, “The messages I received during my Uncle’s departing embrace showed the way to freedom from sorrow and despair. This…enabled me to serve my family during the funeral with greater compassion, empathy and joy.”

At The Meaning of Forever Project, we thank Ben for this wonderful story, which demonstrates yet another way that we can be assured that death of the physical body is not the end—that the loving  connections we have with our dear ones continue even after their bodies have expired.

If Ben’s story reminds you of an experience you’ve had, we would love to hear from you! You can join the conversation on Facebook, visit our website, and email us at themeaningofforever@gmail.com.

Until then, May the Blessings Be,

Ruth & Joan

The Meaning of Forever Project




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