This “Non-Poet” Feels Compelled to Write


Meaning of Forever Project contributor David maintains he is not a poet; nevertheless, he says that because he opens himself to them, “ditties” keep coming, and he feels compelled to write them down for sharing.

David says this particular verse, “The Loss of a Loved One,” was originally written “…[F]or all of the people that I know who are going through all the stages of cancer, life threatening conditions or the ones who are at their later stages in life…This poem can be for any Soul, human or animal.”

At the Meaning of Forever Project, we believe this poem may also bring comfort to those of us whose loved ones have already passed on.

The Loss Of A Loved One

Few words can bring comfort to those feeling the sorrow and pain
Of a loved one who has left this Earthly plane

Their passing leaves a void deep within your heart
Caused by the shared experiences and by those feelings they impart

As this unique Soul departs this Earthly plane for those above
Their gift we will miss the most, was their way of giving out God’s Love

Take comfort in knowing that this departed Soul has It’s lessons learned
For they are continuing on a path to a place that they have well earned

So how does one cope, now that you and your loved one are physically apart
Open yourself to Divine Spirit as God’s Love gently soothes your grieving heart

© David Minton, 2016